Piotr Dziurzanski is a faculty member of the West Pomeranian University of Technology, Computer Science faculty, and the head of the Computer Architecture & Telecommunication chair.

His research interests span over cloud-based techniques and real-time systems. Regarding the former, he developed a scalable and efficient cloud-based Optimisation as a Service (OaaS) approach. The optimisation can be either single-, multi-, or many-objective, and the appropriate optimisation technique is dynamically selected based on the current scenario. The optimisation itself is conducted in a distributed manner, where each processing element executes a selected optimisation technique in an asynchronous, yet collaborative manner. The applied heuristics are mainly inspired by biology (e.g., genetic algorithms) or economy (e.g., value-based algorithms). The approach has been implemented in Kubernetes clusters and evaluated using real-world problems, mainly related to Industry 4.0.

This approach has been successfully applied to evaluate key objectives in assorted domains, ranging from gasoline Engine Control Units to digital twins of chemical smart factories.

He has published more than 90 research papers in the main international conferences and journals covering those topics. One paper got the best-paper prize at IEEE ISORC 2016.

Prior to his current appointment, he was a research fellow in the University of York, UK, and a lecturer in the Staffordshire University, UK.

He was involved in the following projects:
   Automatic Repair of Natural Source Code (MANATEE), EPSRC project, University of York, UK, research fellow
2017-2019    Cloud-based Situational Analysis for Factories providing Real-time Reconfiguration Services (SAFIRE), H2020 project, University of York, UK, research fellow
2014-2016    Dynamic resource allocation in embedded and high-performance computing (DreamCloud), FP7 project, University of York, UK, associate researcher
2011–2013    Hardware acceleration of multimedia data classification algorithms, National Science Centre Grant, Poland, investigator
2011–2013    Lossless audio coded with automatic data identification and classification, National Science Centre Grant, Poland, investigator
2007–2010    Lossless and near-lossless data compression in Networks on Chip, Polish Ministry of Science & Higher Education Grant, principal investigator

Currently, he is teaching the following modules:
Real-time systems
Testing and verification of hardware-software systems
Engineering team project 1

Oct 2020 - Becoming the head of the Computer Architecture & Telecommunication chair at the West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin, Poland
Sep 2020 - Paper titled "Multi-Objective parameter-less population pyramid for solving industrial process planning problems" published in journal Swarm and Evolutionary Computation

July 2020 - Presentation of the paper titled "Empirical Analysis of 1-edit Degree Patches in Syntax-Based Automatic Program Repair" at CEC 2020 in Glasgow, UK (virtual event)
office: WI2/123
phone: +48 91 4495574

Piotr Dziurzanski - Department of Computer Science and Information Systems – West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin - Zolnierska 52 – 71-210 Szczecin – Poland