Real Time Systems
(Polish name: Systemy czasu rzeczywistego)
Computer science, post-graduate, year 1
Lectures: 30h
Practicals: 30h

The aim of the module is to familiarise students with assorted aspects of contemporary real-time systems. Both the theoretical aspects, focusing mainly on task schedulability analysis, and the practical development of RT systems are covered. The RT systems are developed in the C and Java languages, built on top of the FreeRTOS operating system. The topics related to IoT and their collaboration with cloud services (based on AWS) are also in the scope of the module.  

The students are familiarised with the following tools/technologies:

The theoretical part of the module is based on the textbook:

Analysable Real-Time Systems: Programmed in Ada Paperback
by Alan Burns, Andy Wellings
ISBN-13 : 978-1530265503
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2016